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    Robotic Waterjet Cutting

    Robotic waterjet cutting machine consists of industrial robot and high pressure water jet system. The 6 or more axis of robot arm carries a water jet cutting head to cut 3D parts with CNC programming.

    A complete robotic waterjet machine system consists of 3 major parts:
    1. High pressure water pump, 380Mpa (55kpsi).
    2. 6-axis robot with software.
    3. Cutting table with vacuum suction

    Robotic waterjet is mainly used to cut automobil internal parts, to cut holes, or trim the edges. Depends on the size of parts that are needed to cut, the model of robot (ie the radious of arm and weight the arm can carry) is selected.

    robot waterjet

    Robotic Waterjet cutting machine consists of robot, waterjet pump, and waterjet cutting head.

    robot waterjet
    Water jet cutting head mounted on the robotic arm with flexible high pressure tubing coil.
    robot waterjet
    robot waterjet
    To improve efficiency, robotic waterjet machine usually has two cutting tables.

    robot waterjet
    The cutting table of robotic waterje machine often has vacuum suction to hold down the work piece.

    robot waterjet robot waterjet
    New robot waterjet cutting machines ready to ship.