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    WPCxxyyA5 series machine is a versatile waterjet pipe cutting system. It cuts pipes with high pressure water jet. This system can be used to cut pipes of various materials especially good for cutting composite material pipes that are not suitable by other types of cutting methods.

    WPC -- is the product code for pipe cutting machine.
    xx-- the table length (x100 mm). The actual pipe length can be longer than the table length.
    yy -- the maximum diameter (x100 mm) of the pipe that can be cut.
    A5 -- Max 400 MPa Waterjet pump

    International Waterjet Machines
    International Waterjet Machines  International Waterjet Machines
         The wall thickness of pipe that can be cut depends on the type of material. Cutting speed also depends on the type of the material. Some materials may require adding abrasive to enable the cutting.

         The machine system consists of a high pressure water pump, a cutting table or a rail system with water jet cutting head, abrasive feeding system and CNC controller. The waterjet pump is 30-50 hp and when cutting with abrasive, the max thickness of mild steel can reach 60mm. The pump requires 3 phase electric power supply between 220V -- 480V, 50 or 60 Hz, (specified by the customer). The pressurized water is fed to the cutting head through a high pressure whip tubing.

         The cutting table can rotate the pipe when cutting. The rotation speed is adjustable to suit various cutting speed needs due to different wall thickness and the hardness of the materials. Position of the cutting head is also adjustable to fit different diameters of the pipe. The cutting head can move along the length of the table to choose desired cutting position. There is an abrasive hopper mounted on the same rail of the cutting head for feeding abrasive to the cutting head. Customer should specify the weight of the pipe when order the machine. Linear and rotational motions are both CNC controlled with server motors.

         In some cases, pipe diameter is small and the wall is thin, to avoid the water jet shooting through the opposite side, a sacrifical material shall be inserted in to the pipe. This waterjet pipe cutter is specially useful for cutting composite material pipes such as steel with contrete, steel with insulation material, or just GRP (glass reinforced plastic) pipes.