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    Large Waterjet Machine

    bitong waterjet cutting
    The above is the 12*3M waterjet cutting machine we manufactured for IWM in year 2008.

       Large waterjet machines are tipically used in ship maker, blanket supplier.
    • Could be select size at will the scope between 4*20M.
    • Take advantage in the brand servo system, high precision transmission to ensure the cutting size accuracy.
    • The water tank is made by stainless steel, good resist in corrosion, long using time.
    • Equipped with self-regulation system on the cutting head, it could adjust the height of the cutting head according to the material thickness, to ensure the coincident distance between the material and cut head.
    • Take advantage in the imported nozzle on the cutting head, durable.
    • We designed the cutting head, make it could vibrate the degree higher than 45 during the two axis, be convenient to the slope cutting ,or be used in the cutting precision correct, and effectively improve the cutting speed.
    • Power: 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz, 37kw, 50HP.
    • Self-equipment inlet intensifier pump, it is still in working while the water pressure less than normal outside.
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