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    bitong waterjet cutting
     Ultra high pressure pump is the main component of the water jet cutting machine. With imported high pressure parts, it has the advantage of stable, durable, safe and anti-explosion, and easy to operate. The highest output pressure is: 4000bar(400mpa).

    • High quality hydraulic pump, it can self-adjust the power consumption according to the output power required.
    • Reciprocal intensifier, the system is energy efficient.
    • Large capability accumulator ensures the stable output water pressure.
    • High efficiency heat exchanger by water, not only reduces water consumption, but also keeps pump temperature low.
    • Two-stage water filtration system, ensuring the source water is clean, and prolonging the life of pump parts.
    • Water boost pump to ensure the intake water is at required pressure.
    • Power: 3 phase, 220/380/415/460VAC, 50/60Hz, 37kw, 50HP.
    • The form size: 1600x800x1400mm.