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    waterjet cutter Overpass cutting table
    water jet cutter Cantilever cutting table
    water jet cutter Super large cutting table
    Waterjet CNC controller Waterjet CNC controller
    waterjet hopper Abrasive feeding system
    Portable waterjet Portable waterjet
    Waterjet cutter models Waterjet cutter models
    waterjet cutting 4 or 5 axis waterjet cutter
    waterjet cutting waterjet pipe cutter
     CNC plasma cutter CNC plasma cutter
    BTECH Flip frame BTECH Flip frame
    waterjet cutter ultra high pressure pump
    waterjet cleaning machine High pressure waterjet cleaning machine
    Waterjet robotic Waterjet robotic
    CNC EDM wire cutting machine CNC EDM wire cutting machine
     CNC Plasma pipe cutting machine CNC Plasma pipe cutting machine
    More photos of the CNC waterjet cutter More photos of the CNC waterjet cutter
    waterjet spare parts Spare parts of waterjet mahcine

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    The comparion of portable waterjet cutter and traditional CNC waterjet cutter

    Traditional CNC waterjet cut machine:
        The cutting accuracy very high because of the large volume and strong instructure of the machine. The high pressure 200-400MPa, which could cut some thin metals without abrasive sand. When adding the abrasive sand, the max thickness of metal could be cut upto 100mm and even higher. It is a ideal selection for the customers who do not need to mobile the machine, with high cutting accuracy. No need the second process.

    The dis-vantage of the traditional CNC waterjet cut machine:
    1. Can only for stationary;
    2. Much higher cost than portable waterjet cut machine ;
    3. Large room ,about 10-30m2 prepared for the machine.

    Portable waterjet cut machine:
         Portable waterjet its lightweight body, small, flexible and convenient to use, but due to limitations of the fuselage, it can not install large components, which greatly limits its cutting overall performance. Generally portable pressure waterjets are 50MPa or less, usually is able to reach 20-40MPA. Coupled with 100-200 aim to achieve fine sand abrasive cold cutting, but under such pressure, even with the cut garnet sand, its cutting capacity is very low, portable waterjet only suitable venues that require frequent replacement, cutting material hardness mall, demolition, open the security door of the house strong liquidity and other industrial and mining enterprises.
    Portable waterjet Portable waterjet
    The dis-vantage of the portable waterjet cut machine :
    1. Portable waterjet work only intermittently, a working time of a few minutes to ten minutes, and frequently inappropriate to "on" and "off" operation, and also not suitable configuration CNC table;
    2. Portable waterjet can only suitable for small hardness materials;
    3. Lower cutting efficiency than the traditional CNC waterjet cut machine.

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