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  • CNC Plasma pipe cutting machine

    pipe cutting machine

     Free test plasma power unit and torch are included.
    • Cast iron structural base.
    • Cutting with CNC controlled tube rotation and cutting head linear motion in X and Y directions.
    • Machine capable to cut max 2m x 2m square tube of wall thickness 15mm, and tube length 6m or longer.
    • Automatically raise the torch when starting the arc to protect the nozzle.
    • Control accuracy 0.01mm, position accuracy ± 0.04mm, Repeat accuracy ± 0.01mm.
    • Height control with plasma cutting.
    • Best cutting accuracy 1mm.
    • Power requirement: 3 phase 380V/220VAC, 50/60Hz.
    • It is able to cut Channel-Section Steel, Angle iron, Elliptical tube, but need to adjust the control center.
    • CNC is able to connect to Hypertherm or China local brand to start arc and cutting.
    Cutting samples

    Plasma pipe cutting machine
    Samples 1
    Plasma pipe cutting machine
    Sample 2