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    Email: info@bitongtech.com
    Nanjing, China

    Overpass cutting table

    waterjet cutting
    Overpass -- TypeI

    waterjet cutting
    Overpass -- TypeIII
    bitong waterjet cutting
    Overpass -- TypeII

    Compact in frame, convenience in installation, it is suitable for the fixed size material and fixed situation of up-down material.

    Type   I : This type is usually used by small size table
    Type   II :This type is usually used by middle size table
    Type III : This type is usually used by super large size table

    Pump Type

    Dual plunger reciprocal intensifier

    Max pressure

    400Mpa (55kpsi)

    Pump cooling type

    Water circulation or electrical chiller

    Motion system

    Ball screw and linear guide

    Motion driver

    Servo motors

    Max travel speed

    10m/min (32ft/min)

    Position repeatability

    0.03mm/m (0.0004"/ft)

    Controller type

    PC with software in Microsoft Windows

    Power requirement

    3 phase, 220-480VAC, 45kw, 50HP

    Z axis travel

    150mm (6") driven by motor

    Cutting table size:
    (useful area)

    Choose from:
    1300x1300mm, 1500x2000mm, 1500x2500mm 1500x3000mm, 2000x3000mm, 2000x4000mm Call for custom size order.

    waterjet contact us
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