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    CNC waterjet machines.
        Bitong Technology Co., Ltd., a China-American joint venture of waterjet manufacturing and service firm base in China Nanjing City, where is China waterjet origin place and a big city near Shanghai. Bitong is a world's leading manufacturer of ultra high pressure waterjet and CNC waterjet machines. The brand name is BTECH. Bitong`s main products are water jet cutter, waterjet cutter combined with CNC plasma , water jet combined with Robotic and water jet cleaning machines. With many years of research and study in waterjet technology and long term cooperation experience with American company, we proudly supply high quality products and competitive prices to our highly valued customers. Now, we are one of the most famous waterjet enterprises in China. Bitong Technology Co. Ltd is the sole distributor and parter with USA waterjet manufacturer IWM Waterjet. Bitong's waterjet products are CE certified.     Bitong waterjet company is a government authorized import and export agent. BTECH products have been exported to many countries such as USA, Australia, Russia, Croatia, Romania, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Pakistan, India.

    CNC waterjet machines.